Price Page
                I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten or breeding rights to someone if I so desire to.                                                      ILUVMYKATS Cattery. Beckye Ballard, Owner


The colors I work with are: Seal Point, Blue Point, Cream Point, Red Point, Blue-Cream Point, Tortie Point,
  lynx point and lynx point carriers.



I will post individual prices by the age of  9 weeks.  If you see one you are interested in and it does not have a price listed , email me and I will go ahead and give you a price.  When 2 or more kittens are purchased at regular prices at the same time, a discount of $50 is given for each kitty purchased.  (This does not include kittens sold at SPECIAL PRICES.)

Breeding rights are sold on a limited basis; but when purchased, there is an additional charge of $200.  

There is a $200 non-refundable deposit required to RESERVE a kitten which will go toward the purchase price of the kitten you choose.  I do not accept deposits on kittens that are ready to go or will be ready within a week.  If the buyer changes his/her mind, and does not get the kitty when he/she has been notified that it is ready to go to its new "forever" home, the deposit will be forfeited and the kitty will again be listed as AVAILABLE.

I can no longer accept a "partial" payment of the $200 deposit to reserve a kitty
for you.  You will have 5 days to send your $200 deposit by PayPal or Money Order.
On the 6th day, if the deposit has not been received, the kitty will again be listed as AVAILABLE so someone else can get the kitty.   After the deposit of $200 is received the kitty will be RESERVED for you.  It will be marked SOLD after receiving the balance of the price of the kitty ==either before kitten is picked up or at pick-up time.  If I have not received the deposit within 5 days, it leads me to believe you do not really want the kitten; therefore, it will again be listed as AVAILABLE.

Deposits are made by Cash, Money Orders or PayPal.
Kitty Pickup is Cash Only.

I do not guarantee the color of the kitten until 6 weeks of age. If  you decide you do not want the kitten you have RESERVED for you, and want one that is still AVAILABLE, you can get it instead; or you forfeit the deposit.
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Thanks!  Beckye
     If you are interested in one of my kittens, fill out a Kitty Application with your full name, address, etc. as I will need this information for my records should you decide to get one of my kittens. Submit to me and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can.  Thank you!! Beckye
Each kitten will take a Kitty Pak with him/her.  CLICK HERE
Payments in full or $200 non-refundable deposits can be made through PayPal using any major credit card.  There will be a fee of  3% charged to cover PayPal fees.  To pay through PayPal email me and I will send you the email address you need.  Thanks!