Thank you for visiting my website and checking out my ADOPTION PAGE. 
I have stopped breeding and closed my cattery.   I am looking for special Himmie homes for the females that have been spayed and are less than 10 years of age == all shots current.   If you are interested in adopting one/more of them, fill out the ATTACHED FORM and submit to me.   The ones that have sent a reference from their vet  will be notified and a date scheduled for visitation to see the ones ready for adoption.  Only ones that send a reference from their vet will get a response from me regarding the adoption/cats available. Response will be by email only.

  A reference from your vet (signed by the vet and on clinic letterhead) is required to adopt one of the cats and must be emailed to me.
  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Or, you can mail the reference to: Beckye Ballard, 1898 Douglas Road, Lancaster, SC 29720.  I will contact you when/if I receive the reference from you or your vet. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE!

      NOTE!  If you have given one of my kittens/cats a forever home in the
         past, let me know about the kitty/cat.  That could be your reference.

You must be willing to put in a lot of time with the cat for a couple of weeks to get her bonded with you and adjusted to her new environment.  There must not be other pets in the home nor children that can be allergic to the cat and cause you to want to get rid of her.  The cats do not go out on a trial basis.  Once they leave here they cannot be brought back.  I am looking for the best forever homes available as these cats are all my pets.


        ~Adoption Page~
Muffey II
Born 3/23/17
Spayed 1/15/19
Born 5/12/14
Spayed 1/29/19
There will be a small fee to adopt one/more of the females.  Depends on age of female and cost of surgery.  From $150 to $300.